Exclusive Video Interview with Furygan-supported, Michael Dunlop

Following the announcement of his return to racing in January, 18-time TT winner Michael Dunlop took time out to visit the UK to give an exclusive video interview for his sponsors, Furygan and D3O®.

The 29-year-old racer took the opportunity to explain more about his return to racing with TAS Racing and share his focus and hopes for the season. He also shares his feelings towards the reaction to his comeback and explains the importance of wearing the right kit while riding.  

The full interview will be posted on the Furygan Facebook page at 11am (GMT time) on Tuesday 26th February 2019.

To view and share on your channels, please visit: www.facebook.com/Furyganofficial

Motorcycle clothing specialists, Furygan, are proud to continue sponsoring Michael for the 2019 season – a partnership which began in 2013.

Custom, handmade suits for Furygan-sponsored riders require two patterns to be made from the measurements taken from the racers – one for the suit and one for the lining. Once the patterns are made, they are given to a ‘Master Cutter’ who cuts each piece by hand. After this, the graphics and sponsors are applied on the suit, following a new Furygan technique to ensure the suit is the lightest it can be. Then, the suit is stitched, the Furygan In&Motion Air Bag integrated and the Furygan D3O® protectors are fitted, ready for the final check. The whole process for the first suit, from design to completed suit, can take up to 42 hours of work in total and involve up to seven people.